Breaking News: InterAcademy Council publishes compilation of questionnaire responses

Well, good news folks! The InterAcademy Council (IAC) finally published the compilation of questionnaire responses that we’ve been waiting for since August 31 (when I was first told that it would be available soon).

The IAC Review website “comments” page has been amended and now reads:

A critical element of the InterAcademy Council committee’s analysis was the opinions of knowledgeable experts and thoughtful observers regarding IPCC’s processes and procedures for producing assessments.

The aggregated written input, with all names and affiliations removed, is available to the public.

and includes a link to the 678 page pdf.

h/t to Shub Nigguraths who kindly let me know that this long-awaited compilation is available (because I still haven’t heard a peep from the IAC since October 12)

Perhaps it was my missive to Dr. Shapiro, who chaired the Review Committee, that provided the impetus … but, who knows, eh?!


7 thoughts on “Breaking News: InterAcademy Council publishes compilation of questionnaire responses

  1. Hm, set a precedent. Publish the # (sequence in the doc) of your comment, and invite others to do so. I don’t have a real good feeling about official lists of opinion leaders which are kept “confidential” (secret).

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