Breaking news: IPCC posts text of decisions taken

Further to the E-mail I had sent on May 14, I received an E-mail this morning from “Deputy Secretary Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)”. It reads as follows:

Dear Ms. Ostrov,

I refer to your message of 15 May, addressed to Nick Nuttall and Rockaya Aidara. Please note that the text of the decisions taken by the IPCC at its 33rd session in Abu Dhabi last week, with respect to the review of IPCC processes and procedures, is now available on the IPCC website at:

Should you wish to receive additional background information on the decision on Procedures, you may contact the Co-Chairs and Rapporteur of the Contact Group that provided the background material and recommendations, namely Mr. Eduardo Calvo, Mr. Øyvind Christophersen, and Mr. Leo Meyer (copied on this message).

Best regards,

Gaetano Leone

And indeed it is:

Click to view larger image

Mind you, if you’ve been following this sorry saga, and if you follow the link to “Procedures” and carefully review the content of pp. 3 & 4, you will understand why I was considering naming this post IPCC disappears “disappearance” of “impractical” rule.

Amazing. Simply amazing.

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