A compendium of coups for The Delinquent Teenager …

As Andrew Montford (aka Bishop Hill) noted the other day, Donna Laframboise’s The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert is a very important work. Following an excerpt from Peter Foster’s review in the National Post, Montford wrote:

Getting some MSM coverage can make a big difference to a book. The review in the FP is the first time I’ve come across an MSM outlet reviewing a self-published book, and to my mind this shows just how important Donna’s work is.

I agree! And it is worth noting that Dr. Judith Curry also agrees (and has high praise for Montford’s excellent work, as well). As Curry noted in response to one of the comments (in that now very lengthy thread):

[…] I give Montford’s book The Hockey Stick Illusion a full 5 stars. Montford’s book will stand the test of time in terms of a history of science book about this episode, and it is being cited in scholarly papers (check google scholar). It remains to be seen whether Laframboise’s book will achieve the same stature. That said, Laframboise’s book may be more influential politically in the short term.

And here’s an excerpt from one of the more recent reviews on Amazon.com:

A must read, even if you have been following this insanity for the two plus decades it has been propagated, as I have. You will learn something – many somethings. You will be entertained and disappointed in human folly. You will despair at the absolute waste of money which could have been better spent. You will be appalled at how blinded – no, how STUPID – our elected leaders can be.

The one thing you will NOT be is able to stop until you are finished reading. Fear not – it is concise, to the point and has no wasted word – unlike the now too-many iterations of the [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Assessment Reports]

Those of us who are Earth and Atmospheric scientists but don’t toe the alarmist line need many voices to which the public will listen. Here is one such voice which will resonate with non-subscribers to the dictates of the Inquisitorial Polemicist Climate Church.

Buy one for yourself, one each for your State Senator and Representative, one for your kids’ school library, one for your public library – and most important, distribute them. Commit it to memory. You won’t be able to state any rebuttal to climate craziness better than what’s between the covers of this little bombshell of a book.

Unlike Peter Gleick (or, in fact, any of the 9 lame flaming “one star” reviewers who are far outnumbered by the more reasoned – and evidently more helpful – voices of 74 four- and five-star reviewers), the author of the above review, geologist, T. D. Gillespie has read The Delinquent Teenager ….

Someone who shares Gleick’s apparent deficiency in reading comprehension skills (if one is inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt and assumes that by now he actually has read it) is the writer of a recent Press Release from the abundantly-funded World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

As Laframboise observed on her blog – and during the course of an excellent interview, yesterday, with SunTV’s Charles Adler – WWF have called the (well documented) charges in her book “ludicrous”. But as anyone who’s read the book knows, and as she reiterates (after putting the WWF writer to further shame, with a summary of <gasp> facts):

That word ludicrous really is apt. The WWF calls my book “a new climate change denial book.” But as the thousands of people who’ve already purchased it know, climate change is discussed only tangentially.

The IPCC as an organization is the real focus of my book. It has been around for 22 years, and has been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. Yet this is the first time anyone has taken a sustained, critical look at it.

What I’ve found is not pretty.

Here’s the SunTV interview, btw:

A cold hard truth for those who taken the IPCC's word as "gospel"

Donna Laframboise interviewed by Charles Adler on SunTV 2011-Oct-24 (click image to view video)

In keeping with theme of my virtual trip down musical memory lane, inspired Gleick, it seems to me that WWF (whose interests, vision ‘n “values” far too cosily coincide with those of the IPCC) just might be, well, Running Scared :-)


P.S. If you haven’t yet bought the book, you might want to take a look at the second of two excerpts published by the National Post.

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