Brilliant Sketches of a Little Meeting

The late, great – born in the U.K., but known as – Canadian humourist, Stephen Leacock is probably best-known for a wonderful book entitled Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town.

Over in the U.K. today, Donna Laframboise, author of The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert was one of a distinguished group of speakers addressing the topic “The Climate Change Act Reconsidered” in a “packed Committee Room” at the House of Commons. [h/t Bishop Hill]

Capturing the proceedings, for those of us who could not be there, was the inimitable cartoonist known as Josh (whom I’ve now very belatedly added to my blogroll). Herewith a shamelessly snipped excerpt from Josh’s wonderful work, which – with a nod to Leacock – I would call Brilliant Sketches of a Little Meeting:

Be sure to visit Cartoons by Josh for the big picture and much, much more (link below)

Excerpted from Josh's Brilliant Sketches of a Little Meeting


Don’t miss the rest of these brilliant sketches at Cartoons by Josh.

5 thoughts on “Brilliant Sketches of a Little Meeting

  1. Hilary:
    I just dropped by to say Hi – I am Observer on Amazon (aka Bernie elsewhere). I also suggested to Josh at Andrew Montford’s that he post his Donna the Wrecking Ball cartoon as his review over on Amazon.

    • Hi Bernie,

      Thanks for dropping by … yes, I saw your suggestion to Josh a little while ago … but I don’t think that Amazon allows links in reviews (unless it is to another Amazon book), so I’ve taken the liberty of uploading (with full credit to Josh, of course) as a “customer image” on both U.K. and US sites :-)

    • Hilary:
      I actually hadn’t noticed that functionality before. Interesting. Is there a way of making it more noticeable – I missed it initially?

    • Aw … gimme some credit, eh, Bernie! Do you not think that if there was a way of making it more noticeable, I wouldn’t have done so?!! I made it as “noticeable” as I could by adding a “note”!

      What you could try (I can’t, because it’s “my” image), is clicking on the image that replaces the TDT book image when you mouse over the mini-thumbnail, which will take you to a larger version – and provides you with the option of “Liking” it. Not sure whether this will add anything to the mini-thumbnail to make it more prominent … but it’s worth a try! And besides, it would be nice to know that someone “likes” the imaage :-)

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