David Suzuki is bad for the environment

Not quite sure how I stumbled across this! If memory serves correctly, it was a link from some site or other to an article entitled “7 Things You Can’t Say in Canada”. The link was to ReadersDigest.ca (of all places!), and the list had been compiled by Margaret Wente – a writer who tells it like it is! In her intro, Wente notes that she is offering:

a challenge to a few of our nation’s most widely held beliefs. You say these things in public at your own peril. I will be elaborating on these points over the months to come. Feel free to stone me or secretly agree—or, even better, add to the list. At the very least, they’re sure to start a good dinner-party fight.

My fave is No. 4:

David Suzuki is Bad for the Environment

From global warming to farmed salmon and genetically modified crops, David Suzuki has just one message: The End is Nigh.

He is our homegrown prophet of doom who preaches the essential wickedness of the human race. Like a modern Savonarola, he warns that unless we cast our material possessions into the bonfire, we’re all going to hell.

The trouble with this apocalyptic vision is that people are starting to tune out. And our hugely expensive investment in the unworkable Kyoto treaty, which Mr. Suzuki tells us doesn’t go nearly far enough, will crowd out more practical measures to cut smog and clean up our waste sites.

Anyone familiar with Suzuki’s schtick will find it difficult to disagree with Wente’s summary. And right on cue – as if to prove her point – Suzuki’s latest (circa August 14) doomsaying gambit begins … and ends:

How environmental destruction causes illnesses and diseases

Preventing illness is the best way to get health-care costs down. So why aren’t governments doing more to protect the environment? We’ve long known that environmental factors contribute to disease, especially contamination of air, water, and soil. Scientists are now learning the connection is stronger than we realized.


With the world’s human population now at seven billion and growing, and the demand for technology and modern conveniences increasing, we can’t control all our negative impacts. But we have to find better ways to live within the limits nature and its cycles impose. Our physical health and survival, and the health of our economies, depend on it.

I look forward to Wente’s “elaboration” :-)

7 thoughts on “David Suzuki is bad for the environment

  1. Talking of David Suzuki, there’s a video segment on YouTube where he speaks about overpopulation and sounds very like a certain professor in the UK who has been wowing the audiences in London theatres, lately, with his talk of almost certain doom..

    I could type in the url for the Suzuki speech but I’m afraid of WordPress creating some sort of massive embedded video link, which I wouldn’t want to inflict on you! It’s entitled “David Suzuki speaks about overpopulation” if you wanted to search for it..

    He compares the human race to a mass of bacteria in a test tube (we’re not even fruit fly larvae, now!) expanding exponentially so that at 55 minutes the test tube is still only 3% full but 5 minutes later, it’s suddenly 100% full. “Our home is the biosphere. It’s fixed and finite – it can’t grow. And we’ve got to live within that finite world. Every scientist I’ve talked to agrees with me. We’ve already passed the 59th minute.”

    From fruit flies to swarming bacteria – what will we humans be next, in David Suzuki’s imagination? Nothing very nice, that’s for sure!

    • Alex, thank you … that was very considerate of you! After reading about (and listening to some of) the Emmotticisms, you and Geoff have … uh …”culled” this week, I very much doubt my tolerance for sustaining yet another assault to my ears (and intelligence) from yet another “drama queen” ;-)

    • Thanks for that link, Dennis. I had heard of this latest “claim” and had intended to add it to my post … but didn’t get around to it!

    • Not to mention that there is no evidence which would suggest that “climate change deniers” [yet another meaningless phrase invented to demonize those who – unlike fruitfly expert Suzuki – dare to question the sermons from the mount of the so-called “experts”] were ever “extant”, except as figments of its propagators’ imagination … and/or their exercises in projection.

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