Uncertainty Royale

The U.K. Royal Society is holding a two-day Workshop on Handling Uncertainty in Weather & Climate Prediction, at which Dr. Judith Curry will be one of the presenters (and also chairing one of the sessions).

As he has in the past, the inimitable Josh has been live-cartooning for the edification, amusement and benefit of all.

Herewith two of my faves that I hope he won’t mind that I’ve snipped from his virtual sketchbook. Brighten your day by checking out the rest of Josh’s brilliant sketches … Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Uncertainty Royale

  1. Haven’t (and won’t) read far into the material offered, but my impression so far is that the hidden agenda is to come up with a way to sell/impose the same-old/same-old by merging Uncertainty once again with the Precautionary Preposterousness Principle.

    Good luck with that!


  2. I like “Uncertainty Royale”; it sounds rather exciting and James Bond. Josh is as brilliant as ever. Re the climate models, The Economist once had an interview with Sir Brian Hoskins, Director of the Grantham Institute (the video now seems to have disappeared from the web), which had the following bit of dialogue:

    Interviewer: Tell us the war story. How bad were the climate models when you started out?

    Brian Hoskins: Ah, they were pretty lousy, and they’re still pretty lousy, really. They were terrible.

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