Pachauri reduced to recycling “non policy-prescriptive” prescriptions

Rajendra K. Pachauri is supposedly the face and voice of the (nowadays perhaps not so) influential Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

He is known for being a man of many hats who likes to pedal backwards and forwards.

Notwithstanding his recent acknowledgement that the holy of holy global average temperature (and/or its “anomaly”) has barely risen during the past 17 years (in spite of a steady rise in the dreaded – and supposedly human-generated – CO2 emissions), he recently increased his very own “carbon footprint” by jetting to the U.K. in order to deliver a speech at the Heriott-Watt University in Edinburgh.

According to the greenest of ’em all U.K. Guardian‘s “Scotland Correspondent”, Severin Carrell:

IPCC urges Obama to raise awareness of science behind climate change

Rajendra Pachauri says US president should push for improving public’s understanding of man-made global warming


Pachauri said there were three priorities for the US: to spread awareness of the “scientific realities of climate change”; it must make different types of energy, such as coal, properly reflect their impacts on climate and their scarcity by introducing some form of carbon pricing or ‘cap in trade‘, and finally, focus quickly on preparing for extreme climate events.

He listed those three issues as “awareness creation; making sure energy prices are rationalised and providing a price on carbon, because that would ensure you’re going to develop policies that are going to be low in terms of emissions and intensity. And finally, I think it’s also important for a country like the US to take in hand climate adaptation measures: there should be a very clear plan.” [emphasis added -hro

Needless to say, Pachauri’s recitation of this particular non-policy prescriptive back to the future sermon from the mount included references to those ol’ time religion “tipping points”, and all the usual tropes – except polar bears.

Too bad that Pachauri seems to be blissfully unaware of a recent longterm study that – as Lawrence Solomon and others have recently noted – strongly suggests that Pachauri’s train ran off the tracks quite some time ago:

Not easy being green

Series of disasters for the climate doomsayers


In perhaps the cruelest blow of all, the believers learned just this week — in a study released by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at Barack Obama’s University of Chicago no less — that the skeptics haven’t been marginalized as science-denying ignoramuses all these years. To the contrary, unbeknownst to the doomsayers, they themselves have been on the margins of society in their belief that the global warming threat to the planet is the most consequential issue of our times, if not all times.

As documented in painful detail in Public Attitudes towards Climate Change & Other Environmental Issues across Time and Countries, 1993-2010, a 17-year study of attitudes conducted by the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) in 33 countries, most people in all countries rank global warming way down their list of concerns. […]


Not surprisingly, in most countries few people even consider global warming — whether or not caused by man — to rise to the level of being extremely dangerous: In Norway, a mere 11.8% of the population fear it, in Great Britain 16.3%, in the U.S. 19.6%. Even in relatively alarmist Canada the great majority take global warming in stride — only 27.8% see it as doom-worthy. [emphasis added -hro]

Best get back to your Sustainia bandwagon, Mr. Pachauri! With a little luck, as a nominated “dangerous climate change” abolitionist (I kid you not, dear readers!), you could achieve the heights of fellow nominee:

Michael Mann is a climatologist, he introduced new statistical techniques for measuring temperature change which resulted in the famous “hockey stick graph”. He is director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University.[emphasis added -hro]

“Danger Ahead … to prove it, new statistical techniques are required. Must be ‘transformative‘”.

UPDATE: And speaking of “new statistical techniques” … I forgot to mention … be sure to take a look at the latest from NumberWatch:

“You could write … a set of encyclopaedias on the statistical abuses carried out by the global warming industry”


2 thoughts on “Pachauri reduced to recycling “non policy-prescriptive” prescriptions

  1. **IPCC urges Obama to raise awareness of science behind climate change**

    This is an aggressive attitude which states: “If the people had the knowledge and understanding of the issue that I do, they would agree with my views on the subject.”

    It’s known as the ‘deficit model’ and has been shown to be quite false — people make their decisions on a range of factors, not just data sets.

    For example, the UK Met Office has a data set showing no global warming for 16/17 years — but reactions to that data vary widely with culture, politics and personalities.

  2. Carbon pricing or crap n tax is a waste. It makes nations poor and does absolutely nothing. On the other hand greedy individuals like Pachauri get richer from something like carbon trading. That is why we must continue to resist this garbage.

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