2 thoughts on “Federal politicians use non-partisan climate group to meet in ‘safe space’ behind closed doors

  1. Peter Kent has described Mike De Souza as an “activist”, not a reporter. One look at the Journalism B.A. from Concordia’s twitter feed and it is obvious:

    “The 2011 numbers were submitted this week. This trend suggests as much as 3C in average warming in the present decade in Canada”

    It is appalling that his stories run as “Science” content in some of the group papers. Our withered Canadian press is in such sad shape.

    Perhaps Elizabeth May will bring her science advisor, Trent University’s Dr. Magda Havas, to the secret party to explain how wifi is a government plot to limit population

    • Yes, I had seen previous articles by de Souza that, as I recall, tended towards the all too familiar green-advocacy.

      Incidentally, speaking of Elizabeth May … you can see her in action at a recent “non-partisan” think-tank’s panel discussion. She got far more “air-time” than any of her co-panellists, thanks to “moderator” (and Canada 2020 advisory board Chair) CTV’s Don Newman.

      The Canada We Want in 2020 Speaker Series: How to sell carbon pricing to Canadians

      The magnitude of the carbon crisis is such that every possible tool needs to be available to policy makers as they craft their response.

      The issue of carbon pricing is intensely polarized in Canada.

      This panel projected forward and addressed the challenges and opportunities in moving beyond such polarization to develop a more constructive dialogue around carbon, climate and our energy future.

      OMG! Now we have a “carbon crisis” on our hands! Not to mention that “The Canada We Want” echoes very strongly the UN’s “The future we want”. Quelle surprise, eh?!

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