CBC continues to flog IPCC-nik Andrew Weaver’s mythical “Nobel” laurel

As I have documented (here, here and here) previously, during – and after – IPCC-nik, Andrew <we are the vote> Weaver’s campaign as a Green party candidate for election to the British Columbia provincial legislature, Canada’s taxpayer funded national broadcaster, the CBC, has been one of his greatest cheerleaders.

Their “reporters” repeatedly made the false claim that deep-green-heart-on-sleeve Weaver is a Nobel award-winning scientist. He is also very much an alarmist-activist who cannot by any stretch of the imagination (or the English language) be considered to possess the “objectivity” required of an IPCC Lead Author.

On April 25, 2013 Weaver was among the first of many who “endorsed” the over-the-top alarmism cobbled together by the grandiosely named “Millennium Alliance for Humanity & the Biosphere” (MAHB), as noted in my post, a few days ago. Whether or not Weaver and/or any of his co-endorsers had actually read the text of this “Statement” is an open question.

The endorsements of the first 16 signatories were dated April 23; three more signed on April 24, and Weaver and his fellow non-Nobel award winning climate modeller, Michael Mann, were among the 54 whose “endorsements” are dated April 25.

Strangely, Weaver – many of whose mundane tweets since October 2012 – might have been better left on the cutting-room floor – did not choose to let his “approved” followers and groupies know about this endorsement. Oh, well, perhaps he was too busy basking in the afterglow of his April 24 performance for CBC’s The National:


But I digress … back to the CBC’s myth-making endeavours in support of BC’s Mr. GreenDreams, aka Andrew Weaver.

Not content with having featured him in such a glowing light during the election campaign, following the election on May 14, the powers that be at the CBC (for reasons perhaps best known only to themselves) decided to send Jian Ghomeshi – whose radio program Q is heard every weekday morning – on a “special” (i.e. for all intents and purposes, previously unannounced) mission to Victoria on May 22. To the surprise of all, Andrew Weaver was among the featured interviewees on this program, broadcast on May 24 – and if the audience applause is anything to go by, it sounds like it was very well-stacked with Weaver groupies.

If one were feeling charitable, one might forgive Weaver for the CBC’s previous repeated false assertion to the effect that Weaver is a “Nobel award winning scientist”. However, there is absolutely no excuse for his failure to correct Ghomeshi’s recitation of this laurel on which Weaver knows he has no right to rest – even if Ghomeshi’s research is so shoddy that he does not.

But don’t take my word for this, you can hear it for yourself. Ghomeshi’s intro of the Weaver segment begins at 0:12:37


4 thoughts on “CBC continues to flog IPCC-nik Andrew Weaver’s mythical “Nobel” laurel

  1. And did you see this?


    “A Climate Science Watch essay entitled, “No science, no evidence, no truth, no democracy” opens with:

    “To the extent that we tolerate the suppression of science in Canada, we can expect a correlative suppression of democracy,” writes Carol Linnitt in “Harper’s attack on science: No science, no evidence, no truth, no democracy.” Nobel Prize-wining climate scientist Andrew Weaver says “we have a crisis in Canada … in terms of the development of information and science to inform decision-making. What we have replaced that with is an ideological approach to decision-making.” [Emphasis added]

    Like Michael Mann, the University of Victoria’s Andrew Weaver is no Nobel winner.

    Climate Science Watch’s tagline is “Promoting integrity in the use of climate science by government.” But if it can’t get correct something simple like who is and who is not a Nobel winner, it will be hard to take the rest of what its integrity seriously.”

    • Yes, I did see this (in fact, it’s what precipitated my bringing this post from my back-burner, where it was languishing in partial completion)!

      It’s interesting that in the comments on the “Climate Science Watch” site, “Rick” notes that he has modified his text – which introduces that of DeSmearBlog’s DeSmogBlog’s rant against Harper, in which the myth of Weaver’s unearned laurel continues to be perpetuated!

      UPDATE: 06/4/2013 Oh, well … looks like “Climate Science Watch” has very little interest in suggesting that the SmogBrigade pay more attention to the principle of truth in posting. Here’s a screen cap of a comment I made that for some reason did not pass muster:

  2. Peter Mansbridge on last nights National awarded Weaver and Al Gore as “members of the same group that won the Nobel Prize”.
    Perhaps Andrew is being groomed for the Suzuki mantle. I see that the CBC shop is flogging Suzukiana in a cradle to grave range:

    The Suzuki Infant suit: http://www.cbcshop.ca/by-show/the-nature-of-things/tnot-1979-infant-bodysuit.html

    The Suzuki travel (how appropriate!) mug: http://www.cbcshop.ca/by-show/the-nature-of-things/tnot-travel-mug.html

    And for the retro groupies: http://www.cbcshop.ca/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/370×370/040ec09b1e35df139433887a97daa66f/e/t/etnat00134.jpg

    Perhaps the end is Nye…..

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