Some Saturday sillies (courtesy of Suzuki’s stupidity … and Obama’s)

As Donna Laframboise noted a few days ago, Canada’s aging, self-appointed, guru of greenism, David Suzuki has landed himself in hot water with some despicable and idiotic remarks he had made to a French newspaper on Canada Day (July 1).

The National Post has a weekly feature that provides imaginary snippets from the “diary” of a notable newsmaker. This week, Suzuki is the much deserved target of Tristin Hopper’s imagination. Here are some excerpts:

Dear Diary — David Suzuki: Even a Tory could tell Canada is packed to the gunwales

I was pulling the Prius out of my Quadra Island acreage when, about three kilometres down the road, I noticed a new home under construction. Sustainable local wood, roof-mounted solar panels, rainwater cisterns, but still, what the hell? If we keep building these space-hogging Johnny-come-latelies, this virgin wilderness will be a Calcutta marketplace. I mean, why don’t we just open a few mini-malls and an international airport while we’re at it? Now, admittedly, I have played my own role in the overpopulation atrocity. I do have five kids, yes, but I made sure to offset them by … um, well, let’s not get into that now.

In the bustle of daily life, it is tragedy that the plight of the world’s beetles goes unnoticed. One, the Salt Creek tiger beetle, is one of the rarest insects in North America. Another species, the American Burying Beetle, is at risk of being wiped out by pipeline developments along the Eastern Seaboard. But is it time to panic? Absolutely. […]

It’s typical of that unshaven immigrant-trader Jason Kenney to demonize my interview with a French magazine in which I said “Canada is full.” Well, with all due respect Minister, kiss my well-toned ass. Even a Tory could tell this place is packed to the gunwales. Vancouver, once a peaceful collection of First Nations fishing settlements, is now an obscene glass-and-concrete scar visible all the way from space. […]

In the immortal words of the esteemed cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead, “you’re all f—– and you deserve it.” Didn’t I tell you about the risk of flash floods and petroleum disasters in my weekly, soft-spoken environmental newsmagazine? […]

[…] For decades, I have struggled to get rural areas and working-class residents on board with green causes, but I think we’ve finally found common ground. Maybe it’s finally time to start promoting my ideas for controlling vehicle emissions by liberalizing euthanasia.

And, as a bonus for today … SunNewsNetwork‘s Ezra Levant was, I believe, the first to bring this latest Suzuki stupidity to light circa July 2 – in conjunction with a story on Obama’s recent declaration in S. Africa to the effect that if the world continues on its current path “the planet will boil over”. Yes, he really did say this!

Ezra Levant challenges David Suzuki’s hypocritical call for population control and Obama’s lecturing of Africans

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn at some point in the distant future that Suzuki and Obama are citing Stephen Emmott’s “hamuscript” as the source of their inanities and hypocritical exhortations!

5 thoughts on “Some Saturday sillies (courtesy of Suzuki’s stupidity … and Obama’s)

  1. One thing I find striking about Obama’s “planet will boil over” remark is the “unless we find new ways of producing energy” bit.

    What he seems to be implying that by driving cars and living in bigger houses Africans would be threatening to boil the planet even if they used existing renewable technologies such as wind turbines and solar PV (accepting, purely for argument’s sake, the CAGW hypothesis and also the efficacy of renewables in their current form.)

    At the moment, African economies are growing at enviable rates – the African Development Bank reports that a third of African countries have GDP growth rates of more than 6%.

    Is Obama implying that they’ll all need to wait decades until some sort of as yet unknown energy technology is developed and commercialised, before they can be allowed to enjoy the wealth created by this economic growth? If so, that sounds like remarkable chutzpah!

    • Alex, I have just read your very enlightening transcript of this entire performance by Obama.

      One thing that particularly struck me (apart from wondering if he was running for high office somewhere in Africa!) was that he failed to recognize the utter hypocrisy of his earlier:

      […] we want to make sure that the United States is a critical trading partner. And, by the way, we’re not doing it out of charity. We’re doing it because if Africa is doing well, then now we’ve got a market of people who want to buy more iPads and – [laughter] – Boeing airplanes and all the good stuff that we sell, right? And Africa, by the way, is the youngest continent, which means that demographically this is going to be a larger and larger share of the world market.

      [reinforced by his subsequent response to a question on terrorism:]

      we would love nothing more than for Africa, collectively, to say no to extremism, say no to terrorism, to say no to sectarianism – which in the case of Boko Haram, for example, is an example of essentially a religious rationale for this kind of violence – and the United States to be able to step back and worry about selling iPads and planes. That’s what we would like to do.**

      compared with (as you have highlighted in your transcript) his ‘planet will boil over’ inanity:

      if everybody is raising living standards to the point where everybody has got a car and everybody has got air conditioning, and everybody has got a big house, well, the planet will boil over – unless we find new ways of producing energy.

      You can’t have a big house or a car or air conditioning, but you can buy our iPads and airplanes (both of which will no doubt be powered by “green” solar and wind power)!!

      ** As an aside he had immediately followed this with:

      But what we won’t do is just stand by if our embassy is being attacked or our people are in vulnerable situations.

      I guess on Obama’s planet (which is in danger of “boiling over”), Benghazi didn’t happen, did it?!

    • Technically it’s the White House’s transcript, I’ve just (hopefully) made it a little easier to read! It never ceases to amaze, how riddled with inconsistencies these speeches turn out to be, once you remove all the audio-visual razzmatazz and place them under the microscope…

    • Ah, well, that would certainly explain why this (supposedly unscripted?!) performance “sounds” much smoother than his usual unteleprompted performances! Guess I’d have to watch the full video to compare … nah … I think I’ll pass!

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