Musical mirth: antidotes from down-under!

Last night while listening to the radio, I heard a CBC rerun of a program called The 180. It was a most depressing experience listening to some brainwashed characters repeating the “must have a carbon tax” mantra as though they were totally oblivious to the results of such a policy in the U.K., Europe and Australia. The following was the “setup” (complete with scary meme pic):

Is Canada playing a “leadership role” when it comes to climate change?

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has released its full report, and blames climate change on the human residents of the planet.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said the report should spur governments around the world to action.

But Canada’s government says it’s already playing a leadership role in the fight against climate change.

And that’s the assertion we put to our Rogue Parliament this week.


I very much doubt that anyone at the CBC (or Ban Ki-Moon, his high and mighty self, for that matter) has actually read this latest sausage from the IPCC. But the CBC – not unlike the U.K.’s BBC which it continues to dutifully emulate in its shallow biased “reporting” (and/or facsimiles thereof) – is never loath to drum into the minds of its unwary listeners the purported perils of climate change and the demon CO2.

So I am very grateful to reader “Another Ian” whose comment a while ago, led me to some mirth-worthy “antidotes” to the depressingly foggy mush being spread by the CBC. Thereby proving, once again, that humour is the best medicine!

Enjoy :-)



6 thoughts on “Musical mirth: antidotes from down-under!

  1. It continuously amazes me that the real inconvenient truth… that there has been no warming … is ignored ….. continuously.

  2. I’ve forwarded these on to Andrew Bolt, an influential blogger and journalist in Australia. Minnesotans for Global Warming have set a high bar, but good to see a bit of competition emerging!

    • Here’s another entry in the “competition” – homegrown, so to speak (well, transplanted from the Emerald Isle, truth be told) that I first featured two years ago (here). But I think an encore is quite fitting in this thread.

      For the benefit of non-Canucks, here’s the intro blurb from the ‘Tube:

      An upbeat humorous music video, that takes a light hearted satirical look at global climate change and Newfoundland. Global Warming is a track from Derek’s new album Cape Spear, now available on iTunes.

      Come By Chance is the location of Newfoundland’s only oil refinery and St. Johns is the oldest city in North America. Newfoundland is affectionately referred to as “The Rock” by most Canadians.

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