CBC’s preposterously predictable partiality

In a comment on my previous post reader “Another Ian” has drawn my attention to a video intended for Australian audiences, which is also applicable to those of us who reside in Canada (and the U.K. whose residents are continually subjected to the same mindless propaganda perpetrated by the BBC).

I subscribe to the CBC’s twice daily News Digest. And on a memorable day when the first ever Canadian, Alice Munro, was awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature – i.e. unlike the CBC’s favourite climate “expert” IPCC-nik and faux Nobel Laureate, Andrew Weaver, Munro has earned the well-deserved title of Nobel Laureate – do their “Digests” mention this? Nope, not a chance.

Do their digests mention (the highly dubious) Edward Snowden and his being “awarded” the same low-on-the-prestige-totem-pole award as Wikileak’s Assange?! You betcha!

Talk about preposterously predictable partiality, eh?!

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