Saturday night at the movies: Suzuki 0, Ezra 10; IPCC’s Stocker brigade 0, Topher 10

On the heels of his disastrous “debating” adventures down-under, Canada’s enviro-activist media darling, David Suzuki, called a media conference to publicize his latest stunt. SunNews Network’s Ezra Levant takes advantage of the occasion to expose even more of this aging drama queen’s hypocrisy:

Readers may recall that not too long ago I had noted that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was planning to have a brand new video produced in time for the recent release of the Summary for Policymakers (SPM) of Working Group I (WGI)’s contribution to the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5).

A few days ago, since I couldn’t find anything on the IPCC site (not an unusual occurrence, I agree), I thought I’d take my mouse to the ‘Tube and take a look at the offerings on the IPCC channel. We were not impressed: There was no sign of any video apart from those I’ve previously noted.

Perhaps this new video from the IPCC got lost, along with the “Technical Summary Supplementary Material” that Paul Matthews has been unable to locate.

In the meantime, WGI’s co-chair, Thomas <The Manipulator> Stocker’s videos have not exactly gone viral. And in all honesty, I cannot say that Topher Field‘s video, 50:1, has gone viral either (although, unlike Stocker’s, it should)! But Topher’s production definitely deserves loud applause for what it has accomplished to date.

If you’re interested in more IPCC propaganda, Stocker’s collection is available on Channel IPCC.

But, unless you have a fear of facts, your time might be better spent watching Topher’s 50:1 – and the additional full-length videos of his interviews:

Unless you are more fluent in Danish than you are in ‘stralian, you might want to turn off the somewhat distracting default captions! Here’s how to do this. First click the “CC” icon, then click the “Off” button:


And if stats are your thing, you might be interested in the following table which provides an overview comparison of Stocker and other IPCC-niks vs Topher and 50:1 interviewees:


P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians of the skeptical kind … Oh, all right then … I wish the same to Canadian IPCC-niks, their acolytes and lesser-lights, too :-)

3 thoughts on “Saturday night at the movies: Suzuki 0, Ezra 10; IPCC’s Stocker brigade 0, Topher 10

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  2. FYI, the judge advertised to participate in the Suzuki event has bailed out, presumably due to Ezra’s item. Here’s one of her earlier rulings:

    Writing for the Divisional Court, Justice Harriet Sachs ruled that the review tribunal was correct and that it was reasonable for it not to hear evidence showing it was not responsible for the oil spill in the first place. At the tribunal, no one disputed the fact that the city was an innocent party when it came to the contamination.

    As a result, the Divisional Court has now underscored the law that innocent parties may be forced to cover the costs of pollution caused to their land by a neighbour. The fact that the innocent party here was a municipality does not change the importance of the ruling — innocent parties are responsible for cleaning pollution on their properties, no matter who caused it.

    Looks as though Suzuki had rigged the “justice system” in his favour by some judicious judge shopping!

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