A subterranean war on science?

Dr. Curry concludes:

Policy-relevant science needs to be transparent and publicly accountable, and it should be audited by a wide range of people from outside the community with ‘scientific standing’ on that particular topic. Claiming that this constitutes a ‘subterranean war on science’ is a perversion of the political process and worse, it inoculates flawed science from the scrutiny that it deserves. Inoculating flawed science from the scrutiny it deserves by shouting ‘denier’ is the real war on science.

Hear! Hear! … +100 … or whatever measure of appreciation and endorsement you might choose.

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

[T]here is a routine confusion between science as a process (the scientific method), and science as an institution. – Ben Pile

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One thought on “A subterranean war on science?

  1. It’s precisely those who are hoist on (exploded by) their own petards (satchel charges) who are deploring subterranean warfare!

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