AR5 “The Movie” … tick-tick, boom-boom, doom-doom

[11/22/2013 03:42 PM PST: Please note updates below -hro]

Readers may recall that not too long ago (well, circa Aug. 25 to be precise! … my how time flies, when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] is playing games), I had noted that at the Feb. 25/13 meeting of the IPCC’s Executive Committee (I believe they call it ExCom for short):

In response to the concern expressed by T. Stocker, Co-Chair, WGI, that time may be tight for the preparation of an AR5 video before the WGI approval session, the Communications Manager commented that he had already been in touch with a number of individuals interested in producing it, and that the request for proposals had been launched by WMO. He expressed confidence that the film can be prepared in time.

Alas, as I subsequently reported this movie didn’t make the deadline:

Perhaps this new video from the IPCC got lost, along with the “Technical Summary Supplementary Material” that Paul Matthews has been unable to locate.

However, in case you (along with all the nations and NGOs who’ve marched out of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change [UNFCCC] confab in Poland) missed it … Today was THE DAY of the debut of AR5 (WG1) “The Movie”. It was launched during a “side event“, and with very little fanfare. Although, I must say that – considering the “content” – it was perfectly consistent in timing for my annotated climate carol ;-)

In hindsight, considering that the IPCC’s Assessment Reports are supposedly designed to “inform” the deliberations of the UNFCCC, perhaps the organizers erred in selecting a speech by IPCC Chair, Rajendra Pachauri, on Day 1, rather than airing this debut of AR 5 “The Movie”, in which Pachauri is barely visible (except for a few mercifully silent “cameo” appearances). Thomas Stocker, Co-Chair of Working Group I (WGI) appears to have taken over as the “voice” of the IPCC.

But Pachauri’s voice was not the only conspicuous absence in this movie, in which Stocker’s “Three key messages” were reiterated – along with his “non-policy-prescriptive” (but highly predictable) “conclusion” that “limiting climate change requires substantial and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions“.

Of course Stocker very conveniently omits any mention of “the pause” or of the actual (minimal) percentage of the demon CO2 that constitutes our atmosphere – let alone that which he claims is human generated. Quelle surprise, eh?! Which leads me to …

The “credits”.

I found these quite interesting, but I’m going to “backward engineer” them!

First, The Producer:


You can read all about this Norwegian film producer here.

And then some “image”credits:


That’s the “cover story” … and now we move on to (back to!) some “Additional Credits”:


and …


Now here’s the “kicker kredit” (i.e. the first), folks:


Notice any “thanks” missing?! Whatever happened to the contributions of the “expert reviewers”, I wonder? How sad – and perhaps how telling?! – that the hours that these people contributed don’t even rate an honourable mention.

But don’t take my word for any of this. Watch The Movie, yourself. And when you do, be sure to listen to the rhythm in the background music: tick-tick, boom-boom (signifying impending doom-doom, no doubt). And be sure to note the standard IPCC “we can have it both ways” disclaimer:


And now, without further ado, here’s the latest in the IPCC’s propaganda arsenal:

UPDATE 11/22/2013 11:58 AM PST: If you’re contemplating whether or not to invest nine minutes of your time on this, Paul Matthews offers a helpful review:

[…] It’s nine minutes of climate cliché bingo. I lost count of the number of crumbling blocks of ice, dried out lake beds, floods, and dark backlit water vapour shots, all delivered in a fast, almost “subliminal advertising” style. The only disappointment was the lack of stranded polar bears on ice floes. The commentary regurgitates all the usual mantras […]
[…] The distinctly un-scary temperature record is briefly flashed up for about two seconds at 02:05, with the unconvincing claim that it fits the rising CO2 curve, so if you blink you might miss it. […]

UPDATE 2 11/22/2013 03:32 PM PST: The incomparable Alex Cull has now produced “a transcript, where viewers can read and assess the text, without all the visuals or the soundtrack: ” as he kindly noted in a comment below.

13 thoughts on “AR5 “The Movie” … tick-tick, boom-boom, doom-doom

  1. The music is quite striking isn’t it; for some reason, during the first few minutes, I was slightly reminded of Ennio Morricone’s excellent score for 1982 movie The Thing (now that is definitely “doom-doom”, no two ways about it!)

    Lurking in the background, insidious, watching, waiting to make their move – carbon emissions, silent but deadly… What you fear most… is among you.

    In the comments under this video over on YouTube, Paul Matthews draws attention to something important. “There is only a very brief flash of the distinctly unscary temperature record at 2:05. If you blink you might miss it.”

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    • Alex, you are awesome! I’ll update the head-post to note this. Stripped of the melodramatic tick-tick, boom-boom, I’d suggest that these “climate experts” may have a “communication problem” that is, well, far worse than they thought!

      For example, Stocker’s: “second message”:

      human influence on the climate system is clear. This is resulting from the combination of model simulations with the observed climate change [emphasis added -hro].

      Reading the words in black and white, all I could think of was that old English nursery rhyme:

      Half a pound of tuppenny rice,
      Half a pound of treacle
      Mix it up and make it nice
      Pop goes the climate weasel!

  3. Hilary;
    Some fascinating bg on that song, very a propos in a way:

    Rhyme & History
    The Nursery Rhyme, ‘Pop goes the weasel’ sounds quite incomprehensible in this day an age! The origins of the rhyme are believed to date back to the 1700’s. We have listed two versions of the rhyme on this page. The first rhyme is the better known version – some translation is in order!

    Pop and Weasel?
    These words are derived from Cockney Rhyming slang which originated in London. Cockneys were a close community and had a suspicion of strangers and a dislike of the Police (they still do!) Cockneys developed a language of their own based roughly on a rhyming slang – it was difficult for strangers to understand as invariably the second noun would always be dropped. Apples and Pears (meaning stairs) would be abbreviated to just ‘apples’, for instance, “watch your step on the apples”. To “Pop” is the slang word for “Pawn”. Weasel is derived from “weasel and stoat” meaning coat. It was traditional for even poor people to own a suit, which they wore as their ‘Sunday Best’. When times were hard they would pawn their suit, or coat, on a Monday and claim it back before Sunday. Hence the term ” Pop goes the Weasel”

    In and out the Eagle?
    The words to the Rhyme are “Up and down the City road, in and out the Eagle –
    That’s the way the money goes – Pop! goes the weasel”. The Eagle refers to ‘The Eagle Tavern’ a pub which is located on the corner of City Road and Shepherdess Walk in Hackney, North London. The Eagle was an old pub which was re-built as a music hall in 1825. Charles Dickens (1812-1870) was known to frequent the Music Hall. It was purchased by the Salvation Army in 1883 (they were totally opposed to drinking and Music Halls). The hall was later demolished and was rebuilt as a public house in 1901.

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  6. Hilary, this is a little O/T, but wanted to say I loved your comment on the MaClean’s/Suzuki “I’m the real victim here” article. The rest of the comments tell me that many are seeing through the “Green Veil”.

    • Thanks, David.

      And thanks for reminding me that I had intended to do a “quick” post on this. Trouble is, that any quick post I try to make invariably ends up taking, well, far longer than I thought ;-)

      But maybe this one will be an exception!

  7. I also picked up on the CO2 and temperature curves at 2:00 when I first saw this. Al Gore can get away with it in AIT so why not the IPCC?
    Pure propaganda.

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