Wastelandia: a brief update from downwind

The residents in my former home province of Ontario continue to sustain the insults of (and ludicrously increased costs imposed by) policies that have blighted the landscape and sent the provincial coffers reeling into debt, while their political leaders appear to remain oblivious to the disastrous impacts of similar ‘greenest of ’em all’ policies and practices in the U.K. and Europe.

Here in Beautiful British Columbia, where I now reside, CBC news recently reported:

Worried about hikes in BC Hydro costs? Try these tips

Here are some ideas about ways to save on your BC Hydro bill

Your BC Hydro bill is about to go up nine per cent this April when the first of several rate hikes recently approved by the B.C. government come into effect.

Altogether B.C. residents will pay 28 per cent more for their electricity five years from now.

Chris Higgins from LEED Canada and Morgan Jensen from JBS Home Improvement gave us these tips to keep your bill as low as possible.

1. Change your habits
2. Change your home
3. Go the extra mile

All of the above, of course, have their roots in what is increasingly turning out to be a long over-hyped non-problem first invented by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), creator and promulgator of scary stories since 1972.

This unproven problem (and the so-called “non-policy-prescriptive” solutions … such as “Change your habits”) is rooted in the fear of our dreaded human-generated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and, of course, their threat to the future of our planet.

The “solutions”, according the green-dream mavens – such as IPCC-nik and recently minted BC Green Party MLA, climate modeller, Andrew <we are the vote> Weaver – lie in the subsidy guzzling, ineffective so-called “renewable energy” sources such as wind and solar.

Like so many of his fellow activist (faux Nobel laureate) “scientists”, here, there and everywhere, Weaver is very much in favour of the rest of us “changing our habits”.

The seeds of such “change your habits” solutions were long ago planted in various political jurisdictions which – perhaps with visions of significantly increased taxes, fees and personal income dancing in their heads – had far too hastily voted to enshrine various and sundry lunacies into legislation.

Last May, I had traced the source of one such legislated “change your habits” lunacy (and its promoters) back to BC’s 2008 Climate Change Act during the course of unpeeling the onion that led to my discovery that by 2015 I shall be obliged to separate my “organic waste”, aka foodscraps, from other waste in order to line the pockets of investors in what I had dubbed Wastelandia.

Readers may (or may not!) recall that I was, well, somewhat skeptical about the current “voluntary” participation of residents in my small Greater Vancouver Area municipality; and that I was not particularly persuaded by the young lady who came to distribute the mini-organic-waste-bins and sing the praises of the process.

In light of the above, while I must confess that I was somewhat surprised to read a not-so-glowing report from the cheer-leader of all-things-green CBC, I was not at all surprised to learn that the City of Vancouver alone had “received more than 4,000 complaints in the first three months of operation”, thereby leading some to conclude that Vancouver – far from being the ‘greenest city of ’em all’ – is developing a reputation as the ‘grossest city of ’em all’.

But never let it be said that such challenges and setbacks do not provide green-lining “opportunities” for others within the realm of Wastelandia. Evidently, since April 2012, Colin Bell and his partner have been operating a franchise called “VIP Bin Cleaning (Vancouver)“.


According to this Dec. 3 CBC report, Bell’s bin-cleaning business has increased by 300% since the May implementation of this particular soon to be mandatory legislated lunacy.

Footnote: Franchise “parent” VIP Bin Cleaning Ltd. appears to have originated in the U.K. sometime in 1997. It seems to be a private company, whose principals and investors are not readily apparent. The only one I was able to track down was a Mark Harvey, Managing Director, whose efforts have brought him (and/or his company) to the notice of the HSBC in 2012 – and it appears that the Canadian franchises are riding the coat-tails of an HSBC Award for Enterprise (to Harvey) in 2012.

Hmmm … riding the coat-tails of unearned laurels seems to be increasingly common among the “sustainability” crowd.

16 thoughts on “Wastelandia: a brief update from downwind

  1. Is the franchise foto an actual view?
    Hilary, in re Weaver: ?IPCC-nk?

    When my dog-walking franchise starts, I may have a side-line: waste-sorting. another use for the plastic Pooch-Poop baggies,
    Keep up the food work, thanks, and Merry Christmas from Central America, .

    • John, As far as I know it is a real photo (I lifted and “downsized” it from Bell’s site) … looks to me as though it might have been taken from one of the “lookouts” at Stanley Park. Next time I play “tourist guide”, I’ll do a drive by and see if I can capture the same view of the Lion’s Gate Bridge (in the background!)

      Thanks for noticing my typo … I meant to type “IPCC-nik” and I’ve now corrected my error!

      Hope you have a Merry Christmas, too :-)

  2. Look up Hilary, look waaaaaay up, at Grouse Mountain. There we find a 100% useless, but feel oh-so -good Wind Turbine, motionless and expensive, the perfect metaphor for the Global Warmistas.

    That turbine, useless as a screen door on a submarine, stands like a giant altar ornament with its outstretched arms raised in subservience to Gaia while keeping an ever present watch from on high on our evil non sustainable use of electric lights and our sinful taking of hot water showers each day.

    How much money has been wasted in pursuit of a low carbon economy due to the belief that CO2 is the biggest and baddest cause of global warming/climate change/weather weirding is an incalculable. What is far worse is the amount of public dollars diverted from public education and public healthcare, funds not spent on better roads and sewers, funds wasted on carbon mitigation and reduction programs in the belief it will change our atmospheric weather and global climate patterns..

    Never in the field of human stupidity has so much fear mongering and hysteria been allowed to infest the public policy debate and cause the waste of so many precious public dollars.

    A crying shame.

  3. I was told Weaver and Gore are behind the “concept”. Given the speed with which the separated food waste begins to rot and smell, I don’t doubt that.

  4. VIP Bin Cleaning Ltd seem to be doing rather well, worldwide – it’s an ill wind, etc., if you’ll pardon the expression. :) They hail from Wymondham in Norfolk, only a few miles from Norwich, which was where I was brought up (and of course not far from UEA) – it’s a small world (and that’s two cliches in as many sentences! :D)

  5. Meanwhile, back in Uber Greenie Ontario . . . It’s is called Green Energy because the insiders are scoring a lot of Big Green Free Dollars.

    “The government agency that produces most of Ontario’s electricity has fired three of its top executives following an audit that found the Crown corporation was doling out big bonuses and hiring staffers’ family members.

    Ontario Power Generation announced that its chief financial officer, executive vice-president of strategic initiatives and its vice-president internal audit had all been shown the door Tuesday afternoon, shortly after Auditor-General Bonnie Lysyk tabled her report.”


  6. Further to Alexjc38, VIP Bin Cleaning is a franchise operation, here’s the Canadian site: http://www.vipbincleaning.ca/2013/about_press.php.

    The UK site says: “Today, VIP operates across the UK and the world with operations being established in Australia, South Africa, the USA and Canada. This growth is attributed to franchise and company owned operations offering the domestic and commercial customer an unrivalled cleaning service.”

    For such a lot of hype, they are registered for small business exemption at Companies House, which means they don’t have to file full accounts, http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk//compdetails

    The Wymondham address is the registered office, the trading address is Bishop Auckland, County Durham.
    These figures don’t seem to fit the hype, maybe things took off in 2013…

    £4 Cash
    £61,984 Net Worth
    £147,144 Assets
    £114,953 Liabilities

    There is a similarly named, “VIP BIN CLEANING NORTH EAST LIMITED”, located in Barnard Castle, County Durham, with overdue accounts and a proposal to “strike off”, http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk//compdetails

    Good luck with the bin cleaning Canada!

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