Season’s greetings

From my computer to yours, courtesy of the ‘Tube … I wish all who celebrate a Merry Christmas, and an enjoyable “pause” to those who don’t …

… And, in anticipation of … uh … Boxing Day and a tip of the hat to the concerns of the biodiversity crowd, from whom I suspect we shall hear much more in the months ahead …


8 thoughts on “Season’s greetings

  1. Shalom and Merry Christmas, to you, dear Hilary. Thank you for all you do!

    May 2014 be your best year so far!



  2. Hi Hilary and commentators, just dropping by to wish you all the compliments of the season and hoping that next year will be even better than the last!

    Looking forward to a nice, peaceful Boxing Day, by the way, with no scary kangaroo encounters planned. :-)

    • Hi Alex, thanks for dropping by and all the best to you, too! And I do believe that the upward “trend” since Nov. 2009, strongly suggests that you’re right about next year!

      Sorry about the scary ‘roo … but, you know me, I never resist a pun ;-)

    • And now a Happy New Year! (I see that it’s started in style, what with those rather silly people in Antarctica needing to be airlifted to safety – hope they’ll have sobered up a bit, by then..)

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