Video Interview: Activists & the UN Climate Process

An excellent interview of Donna Laframboise by Ben Pile

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In a 23-minute interview, filmed in the UK last month, I talk about activists and the UN’s climate process.


While I was in the UK recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by filmmaker Ben Pile, who blogs at I’ve long been a fan of his writing because, like me, he’s more interested in the cultural, sociological, and historical aspects of the climate debate than in the interminable arguments over the science itself.

During this 23-minute video, we discuss last November’s UN climate summit held in Warsaw (COP 19). It was my first time attending one of these climate confabs, and I was struck by the role activists were permitted to play at a two-week event from which the public is excluded (I gained access on assignment with the National Post).

Summit organizers were oddly at pains to reassure participants that they are virtuous, caring…

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One thought on “Video Interview: Activists & the UN Climate Process

  1. Hilary, in conclusion,

    Hilary: [snip]

    Oliver. I’m sorry that I had to snip; however the “content” of your “conclusion” has absolutely nothing to do with that which was covered in the video.

    Please do try to keep your comments relevant to the subject of the post to which you are ostensibly “responding”. Thanks.

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