A Friday funny from Florida … and another from Virginia

I can’t quite recall how my mouse and I first stumbled across the following, but it certainly made my day (and Amber‘s):

Florida cat owners call 911 after Russian blue ‘freaked out’

(Reuters) – Kush the cat was quarantined in central Florida after her owner called 911 over the weekend for help, saying the ferocious feline had her trapped in her home.

‘She’s just sitting outside my bedroom door right now. We don’t know what to do.”

Gregory told the dispatcher that Kush, a 4-year-old Russian Blue, began behaving badly earlier in the day so her husband James locked the cat in the bathroom for a while.

Gregory said she might have accidentally stepped on the cat, sparking the aggressive behavior.

When the cat was released, “she freaked out on us,” hissing, scratching and scaring them, Gregory said.


The July 5 police incident report lists Kush as a victim/witness, and also as “Cat who attacked owners.” The officer wrote that Deland’s animal control service took possession of Kush and quarantined her for 10 days to check for rabies.

The Gregorys told the officer that Kush had never had any shots or vaccinations.

The cat so far had shown no signs of rabies, according to Michelle Realander at the Deland animal control office, adding that the Gregorys have indicated they might want to find it a new home.

YMMV, but I found that this tickled my funny bone almost as much as the $250 “victory” payment evidently awarded to the (long, long ago) former home base (i.e. the University of Virginia) of the David <I see you, I sue you> Irving of “climate science”, aka Michael E. Mann.

4 thoughts on “A Friday funny from Florida … and another from Virginia

  1. Here we see the undoubted toll that runaway global weirding is having on feline and human behaviour in central Florida.

    Scientists say this worrying phenomenon is likely to be heading northward at an alarming speed, as the planet warms. It will start to affect higher latitudes, where cat owners such as ourselves live, on 9th July 2044, give or take a few days, they have calculated.

    In an emergency session of the UN, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged all nations to forge a climate deal in 2015 in order to avoid this looming “cat-astrophe”, although time is running out for a “purr-fect” solution to be put in place.

    All right, I’ll stop now. :o)

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