Aiding Haiti: the UN vs Israel

Haiti is known as one of the poorest nations in the world. Indeed mother nature has not been kind to its inhabitants. Nor have the many arms of the self-glorifying, ever-expanding United Nations. The UN – and particularly its unmandated arm, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) – has a long-standing “tradition” of self-aggrandizement and conflict-generation – even in the very articulation of its high falluting dreams and schemes.

Not the least of which – as I had noted almost a year ago – is the virtually perpetual deferment of the adoption of some rather key clauses in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This particular UNEP “tradition”, btw, started in 1998.

In 2010, for example, there was a devastating earthquake in Haiti. As CNN recently reported:

U.N. sued for ‘bringing cholera to Haiti,’ causing outbreak that killed thousands

By Ivan Watson and Joe Vaccarello, CNN
updated 11:36 AM EDT, Thu October 10, 2013

Human rights lawyers filed a class action law suit in a U.S federal court accusing the United Nations of gross negligence and misconduct on behalf of victims of a cholera outbreak in Haiti in 2010.

“The claims are that the U.N. engaged in reckless and gross negligence and misconduct bringing cholera to Haiti,” said Ira Kurzban, a lawyer and board member with the Boston-based Institute for Justice and Development in Haiti. The group is demanding financial compensation for the 8,300 Haitians who died as a result of the cholera epidemic as well as some 650,000 more survivors of the illness.

U.N. spokesman Farhan Haq expressed to CNN “it is not the United Nations’ practice to discuss in public claims filed against the Organization.”

Earlier this year, however, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared the United Nations could not receive claims for compensation from Haitian cholera victims, arguing that the organization had legal immunity according to an international convention.


[Former AP reporter Jonathan] Katz, who further investigated the U.N.’s response to the outbreak in his book “The Big Truck That Went By: How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster,” accused the United Nations of covering up its responsibility for the cholera epidemic.

“In 2010, the U.N. didn’t want anyone to talk about this,” Katz said, in a phone interview with CNN. “They were directly castigating anyone who would bring up the topic.”

In September, the prime minister of Haiti raised the issue during a speech before the U.N. General Assembly.


In a briefing to journalists on Wednesday, U.N. spokesman Farhan Haq said as a result of the Haitian epidemic, the organization was in the process of adopting steps to prevent the further spread of the disease.

“Part of our lessons learned from this has been to screen peacekeepers for cholera,” Haq said.

Health authorities continue to document thousands of cholera cases a month.

At least 182 Haitians died of cholera between April and August 2013, according to the World Health Organization. [emphasis added -hro]

To be fair, I suppose it’s worth noting (as the UN did in one of its oh-so-typical exercises in self-aggrandizement) that in July of this year:

Ban Ki-moon has been in Haiti this week to meet with senior government officials and to get a first-hand look at programmes designed to improve health and reduce poverty.

The Secretary-General and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe launched the country’s “Total Sanitation Campaign,” which aims to scale up sanitation in rural areas, and met with local people affected by cholera:

Mr.Ban also visited the memorial for the 102 UN personnel who lost their lives in the 2010 earthquake. Watch this MINUSTAH video for more:

As for this “Total Sanitation Campaign”, be sure to checkout Ban Ki-moon’s official “Statement” which included:

The United Nations stands ready to help expand the initiative to the most remote areas and to places where cholera persists. Together with the World Bank, the United Nations will assist the Government of Haiti in targeting an initial 20 communes affected by the disease, covering 3 million people within the next five years.

Conspicuously absent in this “Statement” is any mention whatsoever of what (the UN’s all-time favourite “demon”) Israel did – while the UN and its multiplicity of arms and agencies were busy dithering and avoiding responsibility. You see, as I had noted March, 2011, Israel was busy … helping the victims of this 2010 earthquake:

The following video is somewhat on the long side, but it is in keeping with the Spirit of Israel (in which, of course, the MSM has no interest). And, it’s well worth watching to the end. Enjoy.

Just in case you might have missed it the first time – and, well, because it’s Friday – I think this video deserves a reprise. So here it is:

In light of all of the foregoing (not to mention the UN’s incompetence in dealing with the latest Ebola outbreak) … in conclusion, dear reader, can you give me one good reason why the true democracies of the world should continue supporting and … uh … sustaining the United Nations?!

9 thoughts on “Aiding Haiti: the UN vs Israel

  1. I always appreciate your writings Hilary and this one certainly hits the right note once more.

    The UN, to me, has always appeared to be an employment scheme for mediocrities that has unfortunately moved from being ineffective to downright destructive. There doesn’t seem to be one arm of that spreading “vampire squid” that does what it is supposed to. The Haiti fiasco is one of many similarly poor interventions and in all cases there is no accountability for failure and certainly none for dubious expenditure.

    I note repeated attempts by the management to establish an independent income stream which would make it even less answerable to the member nations. Plans like Gordon Brown’s global financial tax, a global carbon tax, gatekeepers for access to the worlds oceans and so on. This really is a global monster.

    People as ineffectual as Ban-Ki-Moon are worrying enough but what happens when a real motivated activist is made Secretary General? Someone like soon to be Ex President Obama for instance. Sounds improbable I know but one gets the sensation that more and more power is shifting towards the UN. The future looks worrisome.

    • Thank you so much, Keitho. It’s so good to have the feedback from folks like you and Janice. With some posts, I often wonder if I’m just a voice in the wilderness. I see that ppl click, but they say nothing. Aaaack LOL

      Wish I had time to write more posts (I have so many on the back burner!) But for the next while, I shall be somewhat pre-occupied with finding a new primary source of income to support my cat in the style to which she has become accustomed! Perhaps I should get myself one of those Paypal donate buttons?! Or at the very least find a winning lottery ticket number!

      As for Mr. Ban’s replacement … There wouldn’t be much difference between him and Obama, would there?! Both are equally – and inanely – vacuous and – to a great extent – entirely dependent on the scripts written for them by others. Without their teleprompters and mantras of the day (or week), they reveal their respective, agenda-driven, superficiality and total failure to demonstrate any basic understanding of the issues at hand.

      But speaking of “replacements” … Australia’s Tony Thomas had an interesting post earlier this month:

      The Race to Replace Pachauri Heats Up

      Veteran climateer Jean-Pascal van Ypersele has announced his candidacy to replace the retiring IPCC chief, who stands down next year. Expect the result to be determined more by politics and the Third World than a reverence for scientific competence

      I was quite surprised not to see the name of Mr. Manipulator in Chief (aka current WG1 Co-chair, Thomas Stocker). But perhaps Stocker prefers to carry on manipulating behind closed screens! Alternatively, it may well be that the powers that be at the IPCC have an unwritten “tradition” that the Chair must have served as a Vice-Chair prior to ascending to the throne;-)

      As for “power shifting towards the UN” … I have little doubt that this is the ultimate goal of the powers that be. There is little doubt in my mind that the UN is following the “model” (you should pardon my use of the word!) of Europe’s increasingly foolhardy and power-grabbing EU. Look what membership has done to the U.K., for example. View from here is that it’s been one disaster (for the U.K. and other members) after another.

      Canada has recently signed onto a free trade agreement with the EU’s “common market”. And while I haven’t seen the details, my inner alarm bells are already ringing :-(

  2. Dear Hilary,

    Thank you for sharing that touching story. Yes, indeed, GO, ISRAEL!

    This average American remembers that hospital ship which Israel sent immediately to help the Haitians. It was generous and effective and wonderful, per se, but it also served to make even more obvious by stark contrast the intentional neglect of Haiti by the Dopebama administration:

    [from my “editorial” written at the time]

    “… the official U. S. response has been ineffective to the point of being criminally negligent. Why are our superb United States Armed Forces taking so long to set up hospitals, to supply food and water, to come to the rescue of the January, 2010 Haitian earthquake victims? Two quotes I read or heard on the evening news today reveal why:

    1. The reason the U. S. Armed Forces did not immediately enter Haiti with food and water was because “it was too risky.” Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

    2. In her interview with Greta Van Susteren, Assistant Secretary of State Hilary Rodham said, “… of the 30 search and rescue teams, 6 are American; that is a tribute to us.”
    [what she was boasting about was that MOST were NOT American]

    The above two quotes, along with his unrelenting disdain for the United States, its Constitution, its Armed Forces, and its people, lead to only one conclusion. B. Hussein Obama, that Marxist Muslim from Indonesia almost certainly born in Kenya, is sacrificing Haitians to:

    1. Create the illusion that he is organizing the world [a major effort by the U.S. would dwarf that of the other nations making him the mere ruler of only one nation, thus, the U.S. efforts must not be allowed to reach their full potential magnitude] in its rescue and relief efforts;

    2. Create the illusion that the United States is ineffective, effete, and unexceptional at rescue and relief (and, by implication, unexceptional at any other endeavor); and

    3. Demoralize and tarnish the reputation of the U. S. Armed Forces as an able, agile, and courageous organization.

    4. [added by author 5/28/12 –and it also promotes Dope et. al.’s Marxism by sending a clear message to the Communists both local and the Chinese and Russians who fund, train, and use the Latin Americans, that America is not a major player in the Carribbean/Latin America – it is a clear invitation, as Mark Steyn has also pointed out, a provocation (by projecting weakness) to fill the vacuum.]

    That is, with the cunning opportunism of a lifelong con man, Peach Obama is using Haiti to promote his subtle, ruthless, dual agenda of: 1) expanding his own power; and 2) destroying what makes America great: strength, prosperity, and liberty.

    But, Peach can never destroy American generosity. The aid is getting through. Coming from the hearts of and carried in the arms of strong, generous, loving, private, American citizens, …


    “… all nations on earth will be blessed through you.” Genesis 12:3.

    That young dancer’s revived hopes and dreams
    were a metaphor for the Messianic prophecy:

    “A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse… .” Isaiah 11:1.

    The descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were chosen by God,
    absolutely, no conditions — God promised (NOT a contract, no, it is a covenant).
    Year after year, however, they prove that they are eminently worthy of being
    The Chosen.

    God, bless Israel.


    (your believing Gentile friend who loves the Jews!)

    • Oh, Hilary — ooops! — I missed a CLOSE ITALICS (after “per se”) … would you please add in the </ that will close off the italics up near the top of my post? Thanks! Janice

    • Fixed :-) I do so wish that WP would give respondents the ability to preview and correct their comments. ‘Twould be a far, far better thing for them to do than they have ever done before (or – based on past experiences – are likely to do in the future)!

      P.S. As always, thanks so much for your comment and encouragement :-)

  3. Dear Hilary,

    I just prayed that God would SOON provide you with a job at which you will excel and which you enjoy doing and that pays well.

    Take good care of wonderful you,


    (thanks for the fix!) :)

  4. This is a moving and amazing video. Sadly (and typically) Israel’s role in Haiti was unknown to me until your blog.

    • Yes, I find it quite uplifting! As for Israel’s role: it’s a good news story. And thanks to the MSM and the UN’s so-called “Human Rights Commission” very few “good news stories” (or even facts, come to think about it!) about Israel ever make it onto any page.

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