Mediocre CBC continues its descent

Please see my previous post for background on the CBC’s failure to do its Remembrance Day homework …

What I now find interesting is that it has taken CBC so long to address this scandalous matter on TV. And, strangely enough, one of CBC’s “leading investigative journalists and CBC News’ senior investigative journalist”, Diana Swain, got almost twice as much airtime as faux soldier Gervais and his wife. [Please see below.]

First the two latest CBC pieces:

1. Remembrance Day ‘sergeant’ Franck Gervais not in the military, DND says

Sub-head: ‘It’s an actual Criminal Code offence, so I suspect that somebody should investigate,’ minister says [Posted: Nov 12, 2014 5:46 PM ET Last Updated: Nov 13, 2014 10:18 AM ET]


2. Franck Gervais, Remembrance Day ‘sergeant,’ now receiving threats

Sub-head: Man who represented himself as a decorated soldier now under investigation by Ottawa police [Posted: Nov 13, 2014 12:57 PM ET Last Updated: Nov 13, 2014 7:14 PM ET]

And just for the record, so to speak …

1. above was the first “Top Headline” (below a big picture unrelated lede item) in CBC’s November 12, 2014 4:10 PM “Evening News Digest”. It reads: “Remembrance Day ‘sergeant’ at National War Memorial not in military, DND says”

Similarly …

2. above was the first “Top Headline” in CBC’s November 13, 2014 4:10 PM “Evening News Digest”. It reads: “Wife of Remembrance Day ‘sergeant’ says they feel trapped, are receiving threats”

And here’s a snap I snipped from the performances of M. et Mme. Gervais – after they had both agreed to appear on camera – according to Diana Swain, during the course of her 4+ minute* explanation interview on November 13.


* Strangely enough, this interview was all about Swain! And having watched Mme. Gervais in action on Nov. 11, I for one am not entirely sure on what Swain might have based her assessment that Mme. Gervais was somewhat nervous. At least not on Nov. 11. Perhaps it was her behaviours off-camera on the 11th – and on-camera on the 13th (or whatever day she made her subsequent brief appearance!)

Perhaps during the two days she’d had to think about this, Swain could have discovered (as did Canada’s National Post) and shown CBC viewers all the things that were wrong with Franck Gervais’ Remembrance Day costume of choice:

Am I being too harsh and/or critical of Swain and/or the CBC?! Perhaps in the eyes of some.

Although I think I might be somewhat less critical if whoever decides on the CBC “angles” (and/or the reporter who knocked on the Gervais door) had been considerably less gullible regarding Mme. Gervais’ claim to the effect that they feel “trapped” and had received “threats”.

Had I been on that doorstep on Nov. 13, it would not even have occurred to me to repeat such an allegation – let alone make it a headline, as the CBC chose to do – without any visible (and/or audible) … wait for it … evidence to substantiate these alleged “threats”.

What were the powers that be at the CBC thinking?! If, in fact, they actually were thinking at all!

Then again, the CBC has a long-standing reputation for swallowing wholesale whatever PR fluff ‘n stuff is put out regarding the so-called “dangers” of “climate change” [viz, for example, their coverage of faux Nobel laureate, Andrew Weaver, as I had noted in my previous post].

Not to mention a similar unexamined and unquestioning approach to whatever pro-Palestinian and/or anti-Israel material they can get their hands on!

So perhaps I’m just expecting far too much of Canada’s “national” broadcaster, eh?!

P.S. Late night update: This story evidently made the CBC National News on Thursday night (Nov. 13). Introduced by star anchor, Peter Mansbridge, there was a somewhat expanded version/view of 2. above.

Reporter James Cudmore was accompanied by an unidentified woman and Mme. Gervais’ claim was that she and her husband had received “threats of death and physical reprisals”. Still, there was no indication that Cudmore had asked to see any … wait for it … evidence of this claim. Quelle surprise, eh?!

2 thoughts on “Mediocre CBC continues its descent

  1. Hi . I could understand if CBC decided to cool the Ghomeshi cycle ,only because of the two aspects in the pipes .They being under a bit of pressure of the 5 million $ law suit and the possible charges by the police . I listened to a interview on the current the other day and discovered that there are 10 people that have come forward . I hadent heard that bit on any news cycle .

    I am still at odds as what to make of the fake soldier ,other then it happens and may cause the reporters to sharpen up . I used to be a big fan of the Nature of Things and can still enjoy some of the scenery from around the world .Not a big fan of fruit fly susuki ,or any of the reporting done on Global Warming/Climate Change . I usually give a grown and throw a slipper at the TV when ever I here the meme they spout .But it would seem that most MSM outlets are carrying that torch .

    I guess to get to the meat of the debate (or lack of) one has to read blog’s like yours ,Anthony’s and Steve Mac’s .Too bad CBC and other couldn’t come up with a program that would spot light some of the top sites that look at things from a different lens . There would definitely be no shortage of capable people to put on a show like that .

    Any how like your writing ,and the subject matter you choose . Keep up the great work . peace

  2. I used to be a fan of the nature of things until I seen David Suzuki on ABC the Australian version of the cbc ,there were people asking Mr. Suzuki some questions about global warming and I found he does not know anymore than the average person even though the cbc treats him like some expert . He came across as kind of kooky , wants to put people in jail for being skeptical about agw . I am no expert but I have tried to learn as much as I can about so called global warming so I could try to form an opinion for myself as to what to believe . Far as I can tell its a way to tax air with no scientific methods allowed , politicians love it , wealth redistribution you bet , real scientific evidence seems to be lacking. As a Canadian who used to love to listen to some cbc radio programs I now think we should scrap it the cbc completely . They seem to put an anti conservative spin to everything political . We pay way to much for way to little

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