Look, ma! No mention of CO2 in message from Lima

So, the annual international gabfest known as the Conference of the Parties (COP) and Meeting of the Parties (MOP) which began on December 1 winds-up for its wind-down (scheduled to end today, December 12).

As the Cato Institute’s Patrick Michaels had noted in a recent post:

COP-Out: Political Storyboarding in Peru

The 20th annual “Conference of the Parties” to the UN’s 1992 climate treaty (“COP-20”) is in its second week in Lima, Peru and the news is the same as from pretty much every other one.

You don’t need a calendar to know when these are coming up, as the media are flooded with global warming horror stories every November. This year’s version is that West Antarctic glaciers are shedding a “Mount Everest” of ice every year. That really does raise sea level—about 2/100 of an inch per year. As we noted here, that reality probably wouldn’t have made a headline anywhere.


In the second week, the UN announces, dolefully, that the conference is deadlocked, usually because the developing world has chosen not to commit economic suicide. Just yesterday, India announced that it simply wasn’t going to reduce its emissions at the expense of development.

Then an American savior descends. In Bali, in 2007, it was Al Gore. In 2009, Barack Obama arrived and barged into one of the developing nation caucuses, only to be asked politely to leave. This week it will be Secretary of State John Kerry, who earned his pre-meeting bones by announcing that climate change is the greatest threat in the world.

[Michaels wryly concludes:]

Actually, there was something a little different in Lima this year: Given all the travel and its relative distance from Eurasia, COP-20 set the all-time record for carbon dioxide emissions associated with these annual gabfests.

As I write this post, it’s a little after 5:00 p.m. in Lima, but – based on past COP performances and daily reports from the ever-present quasi-official rapporteur, the (Winnipeg HQ’d International Institute for Sustainable Development) IISD, that I have seen to date, I have little doubt that deliberations (currently suspended!) will continue well into the night!

Such an amazingly measured “process” for determining the path of the future of the planet, eh?!

If you feel so inclined, the IISD has a veritable library of photos you can peruse (and/or capture with appropriate attribution) at your leisure. But if you’re looking for something a little livelier than recycled Al Gore, there’s always the latest and greatest (new for this year – and carefully crafted, no doubt) videos, courtesy of the IISD (and their sponsors).

Here’s one of the more recent additions to their video library – and, guess what, folks … there’s absolutely no mention of the dreaded CO2 ;-)

Based on past performances following this annual gabfest, I would be very surprised if we don’t see some glowing articles (which might suggest that she had been at a different venue) from the UNFCCC’s head honcho and cheer-leader in chief, Christiana (aka “tinkerbell“) Figueres.

Don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait to see what the latest and greatest – and oh-so-inspiringly “transformative” – buzzwords will be;-)

Alternatively, you might want to watch and/or listen to the recent schpiel ‘n spin (albeit for some reason not an actual participant at the COP/MOP) of the World Bank Group’s current President, Dr. Jim Yong Kim. Evidently, he is a:

physician and anthropologist, [who] has dedicated himself to international development for more than two decades, helping to improve the lives of under-served populations worldwide

Haven’t listened to or watched the whole thing, yet … But I did hear Kim dutifully singing the praises of the IPCC’s latest and greatest Assessment Reports – and recycling a brief and toned-down version of their most recent key messages of doom and gloom!

This should come as no surprise, considering that as early as 2010, the IPCC’s (now soon to be replaced) head honcho, Rajendra Pachauri (during the course of his defense of the IPCC’s practice of using of material painted in shoddy shades of gray) had declared that:

academic work being done by bodies including the International Energy Agency, the World Bank, national governments and charities “cannot be ignored”, but had to be closely examined to make sure it was robust.

Amazing. Simply amazing!

P.S. Hot off the twitter-vine:

Also see ACM’s Quote of the Day from Lima

One thought on “Look, ma! No mention of CO2 in message from Lima

  1. And they’re still at it – classic Saturday end-of-COP deadlock and vituperation.

    It’s riveting stuff. According to an earlier tweet by Jean-Pascal van Ypersele: “The discussion about the 30 minutes given by CoChair to study the ADP text being too short has already used more than 30 minutes”.

    What they should do next is obviously have a discussion about the discussion about the 30 minutes given by the Co-Chair to study the ADP text being too short.

    And then a discussion about the discussion about the discussion about the… (and so on, ad infinitum.) :)

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