Of climate science and … Shakespeare

So, here I was trying my level-headed best to compose a response to some arrogant claims from “climate scientist”, James Annan, that I had read via Shub Niggurath, where I had learned more about Annan’s declarations to the effect that a real Nobel scientist, Sir Tim Hunt, was deserving of labels such as:

‘old’, ‘entitled’, ‘washed-up’, ‘white man’

As one who is probably far closer to Hunt’s age cohort than to Annan’s, I was wondering who died and made Annan the great arbiter! Fortunately, I was spared the necessity of tempering my caustic draft response, because I was fortuitously diverted by one of those increasingly rare commendable CBC moments.

As readers of this blog will know, I am not fond of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as a reliable source of … well, just about anything – least of all any of their ever-increasing pronouncements on the “climate change” front.

While I listened to the “debate” – and judgment – in this Stratford, Ontario mock court (with some real lawyers and judges) in the case of ‘was Shakespeare the real author of his plays and sonnets’, I was frequently reminded of much that I’ve heard and read in the days and years since I first stumbled across “climate science” aka “global warming”.

Sooooo …. because it’s Friday (well, it’s still Friday in my neck of the virtual woods), I offer for your listening enjoyment …

First Folio in the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC, USA (Wikipedia)

First Folio in the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC, USA (Wikipedia) – via CBC

Who Wrote Shakespeare’s Plays?


P.S. Belated Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks and Happy Fourth of July to my neighbours to the South – regardless of which side of the “great UN-generated and perpetuated divide(s)” your views might fall:-)


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