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So just whois this “hro001”, you might be wondering! Well, my name is Hilary Ostrov – a British born and proudly Canadian bred cat-lover! I’m old enough that I can remember the days when discussions amongst civilized people were not infected by the virus of “political correctness”. As a Bridgeplayer, I’ve always believed in calling a spade a spade!

I have never been known to suffer fools gladly – particularly Israel-bashers and/or Holocaust deniers, to whom I now give fair warning: thanks for visiting, but please don’t waste your time or mine by attempting to recycle your drivel here.

Politically, I’ve never been particularly partisan (at least not to the extent of being a card-carrying member of any political party). But these days, I’d say that I’m probably an independent who leans towards conservatism.

What can you expect to find if you choose to subscribe my blog?

I consider this to be my quiet little corner of the blogosphere where I shall post various and sundry musings and missives on current events and news stories that strike my fancy (or annoy me!).  The “climate change” wars are a very recently acquired interest; other matters that you can expect to see me comment on include my concern about the increasing influence of Islamism – and the consequent increased demonization of Jews, Judaism and/or the State of Israel.

If you are interested in my virtual history, please feel free to visit my personal (but very outdated!) website


16 thoughts on “About hro001

  1. I caught your post in the NP With respect to the British ‘digging for slime’ in the ‘climate gate’ eyeopener. I’m subscribed to email publication, TIA daily, and he had a take on what is happening that you might find interesting. I copied a piece and that’s what follows.

    cheers, gs. ..and thanks for being part of the fight for sanity.

    Environmentalist Fred Pearce has become an anti-climate fraud crusader. With Mr. Pearce’s new journalistic obsession, the scientific left in Great Britain is now in full and open rebellion against the AGW establishment.

    “They think that they’re fighting to right the listing ship of legitimate man-made global warming science. Instead, they’re sinking it. And they’re sinking it fast!

    “This is huge. This is even bigger than the tea party movement. This has the potential to become as big as Thatcherism and Reaganism and the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is quickly snowballing into the fall of environmentalism. And it is happening very, very fast. Information-age fast.

    “One more month of this assault, and the whole environmentalist school will be in cultural shambles. Four more months and environmentalists won’t be able to show their faces in public.

    • Your comentary reeks of wishful thinking. 40 months later – ‘environmentalism’ shows little sign of dying out. Any deeply held faith dies only when its last faithful adherents die, and the available information does not abide replacing them. Such has been true of every cult and pseudo-scientific fringe belief from Mithraism through Lamarckianism, from animism through anti-Relativity ‘schools’. I will forecast the demise of environmentalism for two generations after the last global temperature peak (1998 as of this writing).

    • Thanks, Grumpy. I guess we just can’t trust the UN to keep anything “stable” – least of all the climate – or create “sustainable” links, eh?!

      I’ll upload my local copy and change the link in the sidebar.

  2. Hello Hilary,

    Was hanging around and doing some reading. Thought I would say hello. We seem to have a similar world view. I shall continue reading,….

    • Hi David,

      Welcome to my quiet little corner of the blogosphere!

      From what I’ve seen of your comments elsewhere, I’m inclined to think that your assessment of our respective “world views” is 97% likely to be correct ;-)

      Hope you find your continued reading here to be interesting … and worth a return visit from time to time!

  3. Hilary,

    A note on presentation – pale grey on a white background is very hard for those of us with poor eyesight to read. Given this, it’s a real trial these days, as it seems de rigeur for all blogs. I wonder, would you buy a book printed in pale grey on white?!

    Simple black on white means more people can read your blog with ease. As it is, I’ve contributed this, but sadly, as the link to an article here from your post on Bishop Hill, looked interesting. In deed, compare the Bishop’s typeface with what you use, and you will, I am sure, see what I mean.

    Kind regards

    Jeremy Poynton

    • Hi Jeremy,

      I know that some ago you had made a similar – and very valid – observation (even though my own aging eyes were not experiencing the same problem!) And you have shamed me into finally taking the time to find a more flexible template (and investing the $$ to be able to further customize!)

      My hope is that you will find this new look more user-friendly … Much depends on the reader’s choice of “device and operating system”, browser and settings, monitor resolution etc. So if you are still experiencing difficulty reading my posts, perhaps you could let me know what you are using and I’ll see what I can do to improve it.


      P.S. I realize that this comment box appears as grey on white, but I hope that the larger font-size will ameliorate this shortcoming!

  4. Hi Hilary, hope this finds you well.
    I came here via a comment you made on WUWT.
    You make me chuckle & you talk sense,
    an irresistible combination, :)
    I have subscribed.

  5. Just a note to say that Lewandowsky is speaking somewhere near you 13th November. Sorry if I’ve spoiled your day. You may want to stay in and listen to music that day. Hope you’re ,well, and the cats.

    • Well, you sure know how to ruin a woman’s weekend, don’t you?! Duty, however, compelled me to ensure that he would not be too close to my environs for comfort. Strangely, a perusal of his t-feed yielded only:

      Stephan Lewandowsky‏Verified account @STWorg Nov 8

      Pleased to be speaking at Women in Cognitive Science tomorrow Thursday in Vancouver. http://www.psychonomic.org/page/2017affiliates

      Full link: http://www.psychonomic.org/page/2017affiliates

      That page indicates that “Women in Cognitive Science” were holding their AGM from 4:00 to 7:00 – on Nov. 9. But, from the link provided [http://womenincogsci.org/meetings] the only mention of Lew was:

      Panel at the International Convention of Psychological Science 2017
      Using social media to promote professional development, scientific dissemination and networking
      Thursday, March 23, 2017 – 3:00pm to Saturday, March 25, 2017 – 5:00pm
      Stephan Lewandowsky (University of Bristol) Jekyll and Hyde: Science blogs vs. blog “science”

      Curious, eh?!

      For all we know – considering that Lew is not a person for whom accuracy holds a particularly high priority – perhaps Lew got his signals crossed, missed his *scheduled* talk in March, and thought he could present it in November ;-)

  6. Hillary

    I struggled to find AccessIPCC.
    I remembered that it was a work of yours but I couldn´t remember its name.
    It is a great work that should not be forgotten.
    May I suggest that you include a clearly visible link that also explains what it is at your site?

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