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[Please note while the content in this post is valid, it’s not necessarily related. Content is derived from drafts sitting quietly on my HD. Post will probably be deleted although I may incorporate content into future posts -hro] Seems to me that the “climate change” –>>> increased extreme weather meme is a long established (by…

A Saturday silly

The following has absolutely nothing to do with climate change (or climate scientists) – or even with the terrible events in Japan – but with a h/t to my Dad, this is a wonderful musical interlude I simply had to share :-)

Seasons Greetings

If, like me, you appreciate witty parodies and a cappella vocals, you’ll love this one! UPDATE: And here’s another one I couldn’t resist (h/t to Michael Larkin via Dr. Judith Curry’s Climate Etc).

A documentary to watch for

The following is a trailer for a documentary that I certainly shall be watching for. It speaks for itself, and needs no introduction from me. A hat tip here to my Dad – a lifelong fan of John Philip Sousa – who sent the above to me (my Dad, not Sousa ;-) ) :