Dorothea Greene

Dorothea in the 1930's

This series of pages will bring to the virtual world “A celebration of the life of Christina Dorothea Dyer Greene, 1889-1974“, a memoire compiled by her daughters. Background is available here.

Editorial Notes

While I intend to remain faithful to the original text (and illustrations), I may not post in the same order as the original and am introducing Chapters and numbers (that were not included therein) along with the original headings and sub-headings (and others that I have introduced for clarity). For ease of reading via the web, I have also shortened some paragraphs and indented others via <blockquotes>.


Chapter 1: Louisiana
Chapter 2: A history of the Dyer family
Chapter 3: Dorothea’s early years
Chapter 4: Lake Arthur, Pittsfield, Rome


One thought on “Dorothea Greene

  1. Just came upon your link and loved your stories. I am from Lake Arthur, Louisiana and was searching the Dyer family. My aunt has a picture of one of the Captains boat or ferry called the “The White Lily”. Just find this history so fascinating.

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