My very own “hockey-stick” (from zero to 276 in 22 days)

I started this blog on Dec. 6, fully expecting it to be a relatively quiet corner of the blogosphere. In the interim, few have chosen to comment, but many have viewed. Much to my surprise – just before the clock struck midnight – last night WordPress stats indicated that this blog has had 1,001 views.

So, eat your heart out, Michael Mann … I’ve got an unforced “hockey-stick” to show you:

A "genuine" unforced hockey-stick!

The View From Here: graph of page views from Dec. 6 through 28

Certainly doesn’t compare with Anthony Watts 30 million and counting … but it exceeded my modest expectations!

3 thoughts on “My very own “hockey-stick” (from zero to 276 in 22 days)

  1. Congrats! I didn’t know you were new. I followed a link here a few days ago and put you on my Favourites. I don’t comment much anymore. I used to years ago, but I came to find it pointless, so now I just lurk. I wish you the best. You’re a good read, but I don’t promise that I’ll comment frequently. Btw, when I open my new Macleans, I turn first to Mark Steyn, and I’ll bet you do too! Keep up the good fight!

    • Thanks – from one “mostly a lurker” to another! And you’re quite right about Mark Steyn!! Mind you, I usually double my pleasure and double my fun by going to the Macleans site each week to read his column, then read it again when the snail-mail copy arrives :-)

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