Ban Ki-moon unscripted … or not?!

Well, it seems that there have been more laps and lapses in Lima than one could shake a stick at! A close to never-ending story if ever there was one! Not the least of which were Greenpeace’s attention-seeking and appallingly disrespectful acts of destruction. Nonetheless, this annual dance to nowhere land was supposed to have ended December 12 around high-noon, Lima time. But here’s a screen-cap from my twitter-feed as of 12/13/2014 09:18 PM PST:

Will this be a never-ending meeting of the UNFCCC?!

Will this be a never-ending meeting of the UNFCCC?!

[Update:] Now that the almost never-ending lapses in Lima have at long last officially concluded, I thought it was rather amusing that the NYT’s “expert” of choice on this long overdue “conclusion” happens to be none other than E3G‘s (now sort of former), Jennifer Morgan whose current position is that of the World Resources Institute (WRI)’s “Global Director of the Climate Program”. (WRI, btw, had declared “gross receipts” of a mere $51,873,589 for the FY ending Sept. 30/13)

Morgan’s academic qualifications apparently include “Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University in Political Science and Germanic Studies and a Masters of Arts from the School of International Service at The American University in International Affairs.”

Of course, such qualifications make her eminently qualified to serve as “Review Editor for Chapter 13 on “International Cooperation: Agreements and Instruments” for the 5th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

But the crème de la crème of Morgan’s “qualifications” would have to be her pre-E3G service with the “Global Climate Change Program of Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), growing its climate program both in size and geography, with a focus on Asia Pacific.”

All the above, btw, is by way of introduction to the main focus of this particular post, i.e. a rare “unscripted” (perhaps!) performance by the UN’s head honcho, Ban Ki-moon during the course of an “exclusive” interview with CBC’s (far too un-challenging, for the most part) head news honcho, Peter Mansbridge – which evidently took place in NYC sometime prior to the December 8, 2014 air-date.

CBC's head news honcho interviews current UN head honcho

CBC’s head news honcho interviews current UN head honcho Link to full video

If you watch this video, you will notice a very distinct difference between Ki-moon reading a script (his most frequently seen posture) and Ki-moon responding without (any visible) script. A somewhat (albeit very limited, considering his very ill-informed and/or out-of date “talking points”) refreshing change.

Pardon my skepticism but …

Considering Mansbridge’s – almost peon at the foot of the Budda unquestioning posture for the most part and – less than “questioning” of Ki-moon’s apparently unscripted responses on matters in which neither Mansbridge nor Ki-moon possess any relevant professional “expertise”, I have to ask: Why would anyone grant the views of either Mansbridge or (more importantly) his interview subject any measure of credibility on the climate change front?!


6 thoughts on “Ban Ki-moon unscripted … or not?!

  1. Your aside about Ms Morgan and her move from E3G to WRT to the NYT was most interesting. While the New York Times is a hugely influential opinion former, probably no-one outside the multi-billion dollar green racket has heard of the first two bodies. In fact the only people who take an unpaid interest in them are probably you, Ben Pile, Alex Cull and me.
    I came across the WRT by accident the other day while looking for something else. A fifty million dollar budget and a zombie blog with absolutely no comments. Perhaps the end of the climate hysteria will come when all those billionaire-backed foundations which finance these things realise that they are getting absolutely nothing for their money.

    • WRT?! I was talking about WRI!

      Although, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me to learn that somewhere out there in ever-expanding enviro-land, there’s also an organization whose name gets acronymized (if there isn’t such a word, it seems to me that there should be one) to WRT … Aha! I found quite a few potential candidates via AF

      But speaking of WRI … I had first stumbled across this group almost three years ago, when I was seeking some background on the “broad political concept of sustainable development”.

      Thanks to the (then somewhat dormant and now, evidently defunct) Ask Earth Trends site (along with much other stuff I had found elsewhere).

      I wish I could be as optimistic as you re the end of the “climate hysteria”. But – the view from here, so to speak – is that the “climate hysteria” is/was merely the “prologue” to the “sustainable development” hysteria that is increasingly being intertwined with and/or overlapping the climate cr*p (and/or variants thereof).

      There is one bright-spot, though: Greenpeace certainly did itself no favours with its Lima caper. There’s a very green-tinted virtual Vancouver newspaper, the Vancouver Observer (which I rarely read, but dennisA does and he’s kind enough to forward his finds, the latest of which is:

      By wrecking an iconic archeological site, Greenpeace ruined the UN climate convention for Peru

      [from dennisA’s excerpts]:

      Anger turned to outrage when Peruvians discovered that the activists had not only illegally entered the site, but also seriously damaged it. The area next to the Hummingbird’s peak, where the activists placed the banner, has been permanently affected.

      The environmental demonstration in the Nazca lines is a great example of how an ill-conceived publicity stunt can quickly tarnish an environmental organization’s reputation, while at the same time taking all the attention away from its message.

      Peruvians, 92 per cent of whom don’t even know what the UN climate talks taking place in the country are about, have been bombarded with news stories on Greenpeace’s stunt in the past few days.

      The coverage of the actual meetings has been, by contrast, scarce. For a country that is estimated to be the third most vulnerable nation to climate change impacts in the world, that is particularly concerning.

      Oh, and another bright spot just landed in my inbox, courtesy of the GWPF:

      A new paper by Dr Peter Lee and published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation explores many of the ethical disputes that characterise climate science and policy in the twenty-first century.


      Looks like a far more promising (and realistic!) read than exploring more of the WRI’s views on Climate Finance – and their pronouncements on “Facts and Figures: The Scale of Needed Investment”

  2. WRT, WRI, WTF!
    Sorry. Yes, I meant the WRI, with its staff of 450. I only found out about them because a French Minister of Sustainability got sacked last year and just joined them. I wrote about it at
    The World Resources Institute is rated second most important environmental thinktank in the world, according to Thinktankwatch (I’m not joking. There’s an NGO that rates thinktanks, and another one that advises NGOs where to go asking for money)

  3. Al Gore was previously on the WRI board, but no longer:, although his good friend David Blood, of Blood and Gore GIM, is on their “Global Advisory Council”.

    The Board of Directors includes old stalwarts such as Bill Ruckelshaus, first EPA director, of DDT fame, and James Gustav Speth, UNDP veteran and behind a lot of the Yale environmental stuff. Both still very active behind the scenes. Lots of other linkages in there as well, the network is alive and thriving.

    • This partnership of “Blood and Gore” has always tickled my irony bone!

      But that aside, and in addition to your own findings, I would also note that which I had found a few years ago when I first stumbled across the “Waste” connections of and between Blood and Gore, and the extent to which they have permeated the policies and practices in my little corner of the universe.

      As I had noted in that post:

      One of Harvest Power’s “largest investors” is a company called Generation Investment Management LLP (GIM), “an independent, private, owner-managed partnership established in 2004 with offices in London, New York and Sydney”.

      GIM rang a somewhat familiar bell; and, sure enough, when I followed the link I found that the (unprincipled) principals of GIM were none other than hypocrite-extraordinaire, Al Gore and his buddy, David Blood4 who, these days, are flogging a concept called “Sustainable Capitalism” – which may (or may not) be synonymous with Stewart Elgie‘s (almost all) Canadian “Sustainable Prosperity“

      And ….

      4 GIM’s David Blood (aka David Wayland Blood, former CEO of Goldman-Sachs) in addition to being “Co-Founder, Senior Partner, and Managing Partner” of GIM, is evidently a Director of … Harvest Power (and The Nature Conservancy, amongst others), according to Bloomberg’s Business Week’s database. Gore is listed as “Co-Founder, Partner, and Chairman”.

      For the record, GIM has a whole slew of “Partners” – and a five-member Board (including Chairman Gore and former Irish PM and UN Human Rights Commissioner, Mary Robinson; but excluding Blood)

      The “Companies in the U.K.” site also indicates that Blood is one of two directors listed for GENERATION INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITED (a different company, evidently formerly known as “HURRICANEBRIDGE LIMITED” which seems to have disappeared without a trace. But, this new kid on the GIM block was registered in 2009)

      Interestingly, none of the above is found on the GIM website. Some might find this to be considerably less than transparent. But I couldn’t possibly comment.

  4. Hi ..In listening to this podcast you will have to endure a bit of Alex Jones . He can be taking much like some in other circles ,but he really tries .He is not the main reason I bring this podcast to your attention but will say , There are some very important dot’s that are connected .The link is to a very good website that has documents that are available to the info they put out . I wish every one a happy new year and God bless .. Terry

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