Suzuki: a once-upon-a-time “scientist”

Canada’s Macleans magazine for many years was one of my few faithfully subscribed and read sources of “news”, both here in Canada and around the world. But, somewhere along the way, Macleans lost its objectivity. So I cancelled my subscription.

Their recent saccharine paean to David Suzuki strongly suggests that their “objectivity” is as credible as that of Canada’s national broadcaster, the CBC.

Macleans’ cover story last week was on David Suzuki. Here’s a screen-cap of their intro:


One of the comments I read included the following:

we have lost sight that the Government is blocking science and the message it produces

Which prompted me to respond as follows:

“we have lost sight that the Government is blocking science and the message it produces,”

It is not the job of “science” – or of once-upon-a-time scientists like Suzuki, for that matter – to “produce a message”.

Yet there are far too many once-upon-a-time scientists who have chosen to divert from the tried and true scientific method, thereby undermining any trust one might have had in their whinging pronouncements and self-serving pontifications.

Far too many of them have become legends in their own minds; and in the minds of their mindless advocates and acolytes. Their dedication to the same “cause” provides a demonstration of a profound deficit of critical thinking skills and/or intellectual honesty.

The resulting discredit of such saints and their chroniclers (in this instance Suzuki and Gatehouse) reflects badly on the chronicler, his fact-checker(s), editor(s) and publisher – not to mention the publication’s “brand”.

Shame on you, Macleans, for permitting this superficial, biased and mediocre sob-story to grace the cover of your once respectable and readable magazine!

One is obliged to read all the way through before getting to the only significant point:

“At his Toronto [drama queen] trial, the verdict on David Suzuki came back “Not guilty.” The news didn’t make the next day’s papers.”

The real verdict, IMHO: For CBC yet another fail. For Suzuki yet another demonstration that he’s a once-upon-a-time scientist who’s long past his best before date.

And speaking of the latter,the view from here, so to speak, is that this is a somewhat poetic parallel to the impending demise in slow motion of the influence of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the rapidly crumbling credibility of its “scientific” foot-soldier”, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

And while I’m here, on a musically and pre-seasonal related note … I invite you to come one, come all, come sing along:

h/t David Ball whose comment reminded me of my intention to post about this :-)

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